Garage Door Keyless Entry: Fingerprint Scan vs Code

Garage door keyless entry is practical and safe. Removing the need for a key is also convenient for you. There are several methods of keyless entry for garage doors, and this handy guide weighs up the pros and cons of fingerprint scan and code entry systems.

Fingerprint Door Locks

If you are keeping valuable items or vehicles in your garage, then a fingerprint door lock is an excellent alternative to a key lock. There are several different styles of locks including deadbolts available on the market. The downside of this type of entry system however is the cost. A basic model fingerprint door lock starts at around $150, but you should expect to pay more for a complete secure garage system.

Door Code Entry

Code door locks can be purchased for as little as $30, so are a less expensive alternative to the fingerprint key lock entry system. There are many different models available from deadbolts to combination access control locks. The down side of installing a code lock however is that you will have to keep the code number safe and secure. You will also need to remember it each time you want to enter the garage. It is not advisable to keep the code number written in your wallet.