Garage Door Opener Interference

Having a fully operating garage door is a necessity for many individuals. However, on some occasions there are interferences that can cause a functioning garage door not to function properly. Interference can be caused by any unwanted radio signal; a cordless or cellular phone, an AM of FM radio, or any electrical equipment that uses a radio signal to operate. Aside from household appliance, being housed near a cell phone tower or airports can also cause interference to your garage door opener. Therefore, understanding how to divert the different frequencies can be beneficial if your garage door opener is not operating correctly.

How to remedy interference between your garage door remote and another appliance.

Locating and adjusting the antenna inside of your garage can change the frequency on your garage door remote. Turning your antenna in the opposite direction of high frequency signals can divert unwanted interference from disturbing the frequency of your garage door opener, which in turn can improve its operating ability. However, in some cases it is inevitable to get a good garage door frequency that works consistently. In this case, try resetting the frequency on your antenna whenever a problem arises.