Garage Door Opener Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Doing your own garage door opener repair may lead to some common mistakes. Here are a list of mistakes to avoid.

Power Supply

Forgetting to switch off the power supply. This increases the risk of electric shock or destruction to the electric motor in case of a short circuit. This is especially important if a person is checking the tracks of the entrance or the power switch. 

General Safety

Others forget to take safety measures to protect children and themselves from harm. If the garage door opener repair work is focused on the torsion springs, the entrance should be closed or lifted slightly with a g-clamp to prevent it from slamming back. The person can also barricade the area to prevent toddlers from crawling too close.


It is also out of place to undertake a replacement without prior knowledge. This could result in more damage. If the maintenance is still covered under the warranty, the professionals should be called in.

Proper Parts

The garage door opener repair may also be a waste of time if the parts being used in the replacement do no match the ones being fixed. This can happen in the case of torsion springs or the batteries for the remote control.