Garage Door Opener Security

Automatic garage doors can leave you susceptible to intruders. The technology does exist for someone to obtain your garage door opener code. Reduce your risk of break-ins by using different types of garage door opener security.

Rolling Code Systems for Garage Door Opener Security

A rolling code system changes your garage door opener code every time you use it. Billions of code combinations are randomly chosen by your rolling code system. This makes it impossible to capture your code into any kind of code grabber system used by a thief.

Code Encrypting Systems

Use a code encrypting system with your remotes when you don't want to buy new remotes with a rolling code system. The encrypting system attaches to your existing remotes and works by sending a signal to the garage door opener to change the code each time the door operates.

Garage Door Opener Security When You Are Away

A full proof method to discourage intruders while you are away from home is to unplug the garage door opener when you don't have a rolling code system.

Change Your Garage Door Security Codes

Intruders are known to trigger garage door openers by using a factory code. It is a good idea to change the codes on both your garage opener and remotes after purchasing them.

Also, change the garage door opener security code when moving to a new home.

Big vs. Small Remotes

Garage door remotes are usually big and clip on a car visor. They can invite the attention of a thief to gain access to your garage. Newer remotes are smaller and often fit on your key chain making it a more secure alternative.

Garage Door Opener Security Receiver

The receiver is an added security measure. It can be placed inside your home so you can easily see a flashing light that indicates your garage door is open.

Garage door Opener Security Light

Most garage door openers have a light that automatically comes on whenever the door is operating. This allows you to safely enter and exit your garage at night.