Garage Door Panel Repair Steps

Garage door panel repair doesn't have to be expensive or hard. By following a few steps you can replace your broken garage panels in no time.

Ordering Replacement Panels

Make sure that you order your replacement panels from the same manufacturer that made your garage door. While garage panels may look all the same to you, they fit into the door differently, depending on who made them.

Safety First

Before doing any garage door panel repair, you will want to make sure that any automatic garage door openers are unplugged. Once this is done, open up your garage door and remove the springs. This will make sure that the door does not spring open when you are working on it. Once this is done, close the garage door, holding it all the way down.

Removing the Old Panels

Your garage panels are attached to each other and the track rollers. Unscrew the damaged panels to remove. If the damaged panel is not on top, you will also need to remove the panel on top, by sliding it up. Once this is done, you can then slide your damaged panel out.

Putting in a New Panel

To put in the new panel, just reverse what you have just done, slide in the new panel and attach it. Then slide the top panel back in, attaching that also. Open the garage door and reattach the spring.