Garage Door Panel Repair Steps Garage Door Panel Repair Steps

Garage door panel repair can be troublesome at some points in the process, but is much less expensive than replacing the whole door.

Order the Right Parts

Check your paperwork to see if there is any guarantee to cover replacement parts. Make sure when ordering replacement panels that you specify the panel number – the bottom and top ones are often larger than the rest.

Prepare the Area

If you have an automatic door, unplug the unit or disconnect the electricity. Open the door to disconnect the springs and safety cables. Be careful when you shut the door because the springs are no longer taking the weight.

Remove Individual Broken Panels

Unscrew or unfix the individual broken panels by sliding them out of the frame. Do this carefully so as not to break the remaining panels. If the panels are made of painted wood, consider removing and repainting the remainder, so the new panels do not stand out.

Install New Panels

When you have replaced the individual panels in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, the garage door panel repair job will be complete.

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