Your Guide To Garage Door Parts

As your garage door ages and becomes worn, there may come a time when you need to replace garage door parts. This guide focuses on some of the more common garage door parts that you will be likely to change as time goes by.


Though not as common to fail as some of the other parts, the rollers that ride in the track have been known to fail from time to time. There is a steel track on either side of the garage door that guides the door up and down. These rollers ride in that track and can become broken, or the bearings worn out. To prevent further damage to the door they should be replaced as soon as you can possibly do it.

Cable Drums

Another garage door part that tends to fail from time to time are the cable drums. These wear out in the center hole making it difficult to open and close the doors at times. Bad cable drums can also create problems for the cable that rides on them, and so when there is an issue found with them, the cable should be checked as well.


As time goes by, the cables will begin to wear and become frayed. This is one of the garage door parts that is essential to replace in a timely manner if it begins to show signs of wear. There is a lot of tension on these cables as they connect to the garage door springs and if the cable wears enough,  it can snap.

Other Things to Check

There is no set life span for any part of a garage door. Actual wear depends on a number of factors which can include climate and weather patterns, usage and a number of other factors. Knowing this, take care to inspect the garage door parts on a regular basis to prevent potential problems. Some of the garage door parts you should be checking are:

  • jamb brackets
  • spring fittings
  • torsion and extension springs
  • top and bottom brackets
  • hinges
  • track

Simply checking things occasionally and making repairs when you notice existing problems can go a long way to make your garage doors last longer and work better. It's probably a good idea to keep a few extra garage door parts on hand so when you need to make a repair -- it   can be done quickly. The supply store where you buy the parts will be able to tell you which parts will wear out faster in your climate.