Garage Door Reinforcement in 3 Steps

The garage door is the largest entryway into your house, but without sufficient garage door reinforcement, it can also be the least secure entrance.

Install a New Door
Of course, you can create a secure garage door by purchasing and installing a brand new door. New doors are produced to meet existing building codes and will almost undoubtedly have enough garage door reinforcement. You should check your local building codes before choosing a storm-resistant garage door, though.

Local building codes vary based on the likelihood of different natural disasters, so you will need a different type of door in Florida than in Montana.

Brace the Frame
Replacing the door entirely is an expensive choice, though, and you can often retrofit garage door reinforcement for an existing door for a much lower price. The first step to any garage door reinforcement is to ensure that your garage door's frame is stable and secure.

Supplement the frame with horizontal and vertical steel braces. This is particularly important if you want to brace your door against wind damage, as in hurricanes or tornadoes.

Triangles are a common feature of architectural designs due to their natural strength. You can add support to the garage door by placing lengths of steel or plywood across the door panels diagonally, thus creating simple triangular garage door reinforcement.