Garage Door Replacement Guide Garage Door Replacement Guide

Garage door replacement can be a satisfying project to complete yourself. Follow these easy guidelines to get the process started.

Choose Which Type of Door You Want to Use

Two types of garage doors are available. Manual doors are simpler to install and are just opened and shut simply using a handle. Automatic doors on the other hand can either be operated with a button on the garage or by remote control. They use an electric motor. 

When contemplating garage door replacement, the ideal scenario if to replace like with like, as this will minimise the amount of work involved. But if you desire a particularly heavy garage door like a solid wood one, then an automatic door is a must, because it will simply be too difficult for the user to open manually.

When making this choice you should bear in mind that the more complex the mechanism, the more chance there is that it will go wrong. Also, manual doors are locked with an old-fashioned key, which is more secure than a remote device whose frequency can be copied.

Replacing a Manual Door

If you are replacing a manual door, then most of the job has already been done for you. As long as the bracket for the previous door is not damaged, clean it and use it for the next incumbent.

After checking the manufacturer’s instructions, examine the opening mechanism and connect the torsion tubes and springs first. Then test the mechanism by opening the door to ascertain whether the tension needs to be increased or decreased. Wind or unwind the springs as necessary.

Replacing an Automatic Door

Try to persuade a friend to help you with this one, as the door is likely to be very heavy. Remember also that you will be dealing with electricity, which should be treated with respect and turned off when necessary. The following steps are common to all automatic garage door replacement projects:

Step 1- First check the manufacturer’s instructions and lay out all the components. You should have a drive unit (which contains the motor), the track, which assists the pieces of the door to open, and the other sections of the door which are to be fixed to the track;

Step 2- Connect the track to the drive unit;

Step 3- Attach the mounting bracket to the garage ceiling. Please make sure that the ceiling is strong enough to bear this weight. The bracket should ideally be attached to a beam;

Step 4- Connect the rest of the sections of the door to the track;

Step 5- Wire in the drive unit;

Step 6- Perform a "trial run" and make adjustments where necessary.

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