Garage Door Safety Sensor Set-Up Garage Door Safety Sensor Set-Up

A garage door safety sensor is a must have for all garage door openers.  In fact, most models come with a sensor that will stop the door from closing if something is in the way.  These sensors, like any piece of electronic equipment, can stop working and may need to be replaced.

Step 1 - Test Old Sensor

If your garage door safety sensor seems to be malfunctioning, test it first before replacing it. Make sure that nothing is blocking the sensor and there are no loose wires.  If everything looks fine and the sensor still isn't working, then it is time to replace it.

Step 2 - Remove Sensors

Always make sure that you have shut off the power to your garage door opener before attempting to remove the sensors.  Once the power is off, disconnect the sensors' wiring. Unscrew the nuts or screws holding the sensors in place.

Step 3 - Install New Sensor

Place each new sensor in the exact location of the old one. When screwing in the new sensors, don't screw the nuts in too tightly; you may have to make some adjustments.  Since there are two sensors, one on each side of the door, you will need to make sure that they are properly aligned with each other.  Attaching a string to one and running it across to the other should do the job.

Once the sensors are aligned, tighten all nuts and bolts.  Once this is finished, do one last alignment test.

Step 4 - Final Test

Turn on the garage door opener and test the sensors to make sure they are working properly.


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