Garage Door Safety Sensor Set-Up Made Easy Garage Door Safety Sensor Set-Up Made Easy

A garage door safety sensor is a photoelectric eye that sends an invisible beam across the garage opening. When this beam is broken, the automatic door stops its descent and returns to a fully open position.

Most new automatic garage door systems will come with safety sensors. If you follow these steps, any do-it-yourself enthusiast can install them.

Step 1 – Check Manufacturer’s Instructions

These systems work if installed in a particular way, so check the height required for correct installation of the “eyes”. Most are installed between 5 and 6 feet from the ground.

Step 2 – Turn the Power Off and Remove the Old Sensor

Turning off the power is essential for safety reasons. Remove the old garage door safety sensors carefully, so that you can fix the new ones onto the same mountings.

Step 3 – Install the New Sensors

The important consideration here is to make sure that the sensors are carefully aligned. Don’t screw the sensors in tightly until you have tested them, to make sure that they are in the correct place.

Step 4 – Test the Sensors

Test the sensors using a broom or other long object, to make sure that the door will open properly.

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