Garage Door Sensor Alignment

A garage door sensor is an important safety feature that needs to work correctly. If you are having problems with your sensors they may be out of alignment.

Step 1 - Before you Start the Alignment Process

Always turn off the power when working on the sensors.

Step 2 - Moving the Garage Door Sensor

The sensors should measure approximately 4 to 6 inches from the garage floor. Give yourself the ability to move the garage door sensor for adjustment by loosening the screws on the sensors.

Step 3 - Leveling the Garage Door Sensor

Attach a string to each garage door sensor and adjust them to the same height using a level. The sensor height should not exceed six inches.

Step 4 - Completing the Alignment

To finish the process tighten the sensor screws then check the alignment again using the string and level.

Step 5 - Checking the Alignment

Turn on the power. To test the garage door sensor roll a ball through the sensors while operating the garage door.