Garage Door Spring Replacement: Mistakes to Avoid

When doing a garage door spring replacement avoiding some of the common pitfalls is extremely important. Replacing garage door springs, be it tension springs or extension springs, can be very dangerous, so make sure you don’t make mistakes. Always have a responsible helper with you when doing a dangerous job.

Getting the Wrong Spring

As there is more than one type of spring on the market, check the springs that are currently on your door. Extension springs are the easiest to install, but they are the more dangerous. There is no covering on these types of springs and they can fly wildly if loosened incorrectly. Torsion springs are above the door but are contained in a tube or holder.

Getting Hurt

When performing a garage door spring replacement, use coveralls, good goggles and gloves. Loose clothing or cut-offs should be avoided, as they leave your flesh vulnerable. Be careful of how you work as these springs can inflict real harm if they pinch you. You need to control the release of the torsion spring as it is under pressure and incorrect release is extremely dangerous.

Not Protecting Surrounding Equipment

Clamp the door in place before starting the project to prevent it from springing up when you are in the middle of replacing the spring. In addition, you need to protect any glass panels (on the car or garage windows) before you start, in order to prevent accidental breakage. Ideally, you should cover any glass or other items that could be damaged with wood or padding before starting your garage door spring replacement.