Garage Door Track Installation Tips Garage Door Track Installation Tips

Installing the garage door track may be the most important part of the garage door installation process. The track is basically the metal runners that are placed either on the garage ceiling or the garage walls, and upon which the garage door slides as it is raised or lowered. Doing a great job of installing the tracks will ensure that you won’t have annoying problems with your garage door in the future, so you’ll want to take your time making sure that you get it right during the installation process! These tips for keeping the tracks straight and in place should help you out.

Tip 1: Measure Carefully

Probably the most important aspect of installing garage door tracks is the measurements. You need to ensure that the distance between the top of the garage door and the top of the metal runner of the track is equal, and that there is an equal amount of space on both sides of the track and the door. As a general rule of thumb, there should be roughly a half inch of space in between the garage door and its track. Use a measuring tape and a level to ensure that all the parts are straight and even.

Tip 2: Be Careful with the Screws

Since the track is so important, it’s tempting to screw it in as tightly as humanly possible. Indeed, you should have a firm hand as you tighten the nuts, bolts and screws to ensure that the track will stay in place and won’t vibrate or shift around over time. On the other hand, if you tighten the screws too firmly, you can crack the drum that holds the tension cable connecting the garage door to the track, which would be a major headache! Strive to achieve that perfect balance between firm and secure, without erring on the side of property damage.

Tip 3: Fixing Dings and Nicks

There’s a chance that during the transportation of your materials, or in the course of the installation project itself, the metal runners that make up the garage door track could have gotten dinged or nicked. This may seem insignificant for now, but the truth is that if the metal becomes misshapen, this could have a severely detrimental impact on the functioning of the garage door in the future. To prevent these future problems, after you’ve installed the track, give it a good once-over to make sure that everything is in top condition. If you do notice any dings or dents, simple take a rubber metal and gently, but firmly, pound them right out.

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