Garage Floor Concrete Resurfacing

If you want to relay the floor of your garage, then you should consider concrete resurfacing. You may be able to get the best out of your floor by adding a reinforced concrete area, or it may be that you need to cover over large cracks in your original concrete floor. For most occasions, including in garages, the idea behind concrete resurfacing is simply to give a new face to an old piece of floor, and the simplest way to do this is to add a new layer over the top of the old.

Methods of Concrete Resurfacing

It used to be a common practice to remove any old piece of concrete before laying down the new surface. There were a number of reasons behind this, including the fact that most concrete was simply poorly laid, and therefore broke easily. The concrete had to be removed, because the new concrete would simply have slipped into the cracks, creating more damage than previously. However, it is no longer the case that concrete is simply being ripped up to replace it, as modern advances in technology show that you can pour concrete over old without causing any problems.

Concrete Resurfacing Technology

Modern concrete resurfacing technology often contains larger pieces of material, such as silicon and fiber, which can hold onto the edges of the concrete more securely than in the past. This means that resurfacing an old piece of concrete actually adds a new, firmer layer to the floor, rather than simply pouring into the holes. You could also use something like a polymer overlay, which will improve the appearance of your concrete, and adjust the color and shape of the concrete.

Checking the Floor

Even if you are ready to resurface your concrete, you still need to check that the floor has not deteriorated too badly to cover over. Use a pressure washer to show the full extent of your problem. One of the biggest problems with garage floors is their tendency to soak up grease and salt, which can be dropped on the floor by a car, or by people working on machines. If you find that your garage floor is significantly damaged, then you can still try and resurface it, but you will question whether it is a good idea. You may need to use something like a MiraCote in order to give that type of floor a facelift, but if it is just too damaged, then it might be throwing a good resurfacing after a bad floor.

Other Ways to Resurface the Concrete

Concrete can also be improved in other ways, by changing the appearance of the floor and tidying it up. If you want to decorate the floor, this is a good technique for giving your floor a facelift without having to go to the trouble of adding a resurfacing concrete. So long as the floor is not too poor, you can decorate it and give it a new lease of life.