Garage Floor Finish Essentials

Your garage floor takes a beating, which is why you should look into enhancing it's overall appearance by looking into a garage floor finish.

Look for Quality Products

When looking into which garage floor finish you want to get, make sure to do your homework, since there are many types of epoxy garage floor paints that come in a variety of colors. Look for one that is quick drying; easy to keep clean; resists water, oil and grease stains, as well as scuffing and scraping; has an ultra tough finish; and contains a slip-resistant additive for a safer finish.

Follow All Instructions

Once you have chosen your garage floor finish, make sure to follow all the instructions that the epoxy paint so that you correctly apply it for maximum results. If you want a professional-looking job, then you must adhere to the proper steps when applying.

Give it Enough Drying Time

Once you have correctly applied your garage floor finish, make sure that you allow it to dry for an adequate amount of time. Touch dry usually takes an hour, while you should reapply an overcoat in six hours of your initial coat. The floor should be ready for use in about 48 hours.