Garage Floor Paints and Finishes Garage Floor Paints and Finishes

The garage is often a crowded place, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good.  For example, garage floor paints can turn a garage into a showplace.

Painting a garage floor can also be fun, easy and may possibly add value to the home if it looks completely finished.

Choosing a Style

First, decide what kind of overall look you want the garage to have. Do you want it to be bright and shiny or matte and subdued? Do you want to tile the garage flooring or paint it to blend in with the rest of the house?


Decide what kind of budget you want in terms of garage flooring. Do you want to spend a fortune and make it stand out from any another room of the house and not a garage, or would you prefer it just look neat and clean?

Shiny or Dull

If you go the paint route, think about whether you want the garage to look shiny or dull. If you want it to be shiny choose a high gloss paint or semi-glass paint from a home improvement or paint store. However, if you choose a shiny top coat, it can get slippery and if your car leaks any fluids, it may not penetrate into the ground but rather lie on top of the flooring. 

Matte finish

Choosing a matte finish in paint may be more practical if you use you garage as a workroom or recreational area. For example, if you have a game table or craft equipment in the garage that is used regularly, a matte finish is usually slip-resistant and easier to maintain than a shiny surface.

Textured Appearance

Some homeowners have gone above and beyond in terms of garage décor. Many have chosen patterned or faux finish paint already in a can for their garage flooring. Other have opted for various textured and patterned flooring that can be created by using certain utensils to create a pattern and that turn an ordinary garage into a showplace.

Be Creative

Be creative and let your imagination run wild; splatter colored paint on the ground and let it take on its own form. Or, paint half the garage one color and the other half a completely different shade. Try painting one side textured and the other plain and shiny.

More Finishes

If you don’t want to use paint and don’t have a budget, you can always use tiles, wood, vinyl linoleum or stone for a finish that will keep your neighbors talking.

Sports Center

Maybe you are feeling super creative and you want to turn your ordinary garage flooring into a game field. Why not make it look like a basketball court or pay homage to your local team by painting the team’s logo or using its colors to add some pizazz.

Protective Coverings

Some companies manufacture products that are placed on top of the garage flooring to protect it. Some are highly cushioned to make walking or working more comfortable. These types of floorings are good for turning garages into recreational areas. Many of these garage flooring products can be found at home improvement stores or professionals who special in garage renovation and design can help.


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