Garage Floor Sealer Seals the Deal

Rolling a material onto a garage floor.
  • 2-15 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-300

If you have made a big investment in your concrete garage floor, it would be wise to protect that investment with garage floor sealer.

Generally a low gloss, oil-based finish, garage floor sealer will protect your floor from gas, oil, antifreeze and other household or workshop chemicals. An excellent garage floor sealer will turn gray, cracked, and stained concrete garage floors into one with a granite-like coating.

While the application of the sealer is not difficult, floor preparation is imperative and may take as much time as applying the garage floor sealer. The floor must be thoroughly clean and dry. All stains must be removed entirely or the sealer will not adhere.

Use a large paint tray with a long handled roller to apply. You will need to cut in with a paintbrush around the edges. Make sure you work your way out of the garage. In addition, do not leave any puddles of sealer.

Don’t neglect your garage when caring for your home. With a good garage floor sealer, you can protect your concrete floor, increase usable space, and make it easier to keep the garage floor clean.