Garage Organization: Storage Solutions Unlocked

These easy steps will quickly help you with your garage organization, storage, and overall upkeep.


The first step is to really think about how you will be using the garage. If you plan to work on cars or other projects in the garage, you will want more open space than somebody who only wants it simply for storage. Organize your home first so you know what should be in the garage. Take everything out of your garage and divide it into groups/sections. Then, appoint a location in the garage for each group.

Storage Space

Utilizing vertical storage such as shelves, cabinets, and hooks is the backbone of an organized garage. Visit your local home store and choose hooks for tools, cabinets for storage and shelving for items at-hand. Use any boxes you can find to categorically organize and store your different items. Keep small items with small items and big items with big items.


The task is not complete once you have an organized garage.  Keeping it that way is the challenge. Clean monthly or bi-monthly to maintain your garage's organization.