Garage Organization Tips

wall shelf in garage with tools

Many homeowners use the garage as an area for extended storage without giving too much thought to garage organization. Unfortunately, the space may end up becoming a cluttered and chaotic mess. Here are some ideas and tips to help maximize the storage in your garage and get things organized.

Decide What to Store

The first step in garage organization is to decide exactly what needs to be stored. This means you should sort through the things in your garage and decide what you want to store and what you can get rid of. For the discards, consider having a yard sale. This is a great way to earn some extra money to buy items to help organize your garage.

Install Garage Storage Cabinets

Begin by decided which items will be placed in storage cabinets. This will help you define your cabinet requirements. Storage cabinets come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal and plastic. They are available in many different sizes and styles, allowing you to create a custom look. You can choose units which are either free standing or wall mounted. For hazardous materials like chemicals and pesticides, use storage cabinets with doors that can be closed and possibly even locked.

Build Wall and Ceiling Shelves

In addition to storage cabinets, wall shelves are also useful for garage organization. You can make your own from plywood or purchase pre-made wooden or metal shelves. The ceiling is sometimes overlooked as an area for garage organization. Shelves can also be built in the rafters and used for storing items that are used infrequently, such as holiday decorations and camping equipment. The great thing about this type of storage is that it frees up floor space and hides many items from view. Invest in some plastic bins so that items can easily be taken down and put back up. Be sure to label each bin with a description of its contents.

Use Hooks for Hanging Storage

Hooks can be attached to the studs on your garage walls and used to hang larger tools such as rakes and brooms. Many people hang bicycles from hooks. You can also hang hooks from the garage rafters, but don't overdo this storage method since it can result in a messy look. Pegboards can be installed on your garage walls and smaller tools and baskets can be hung from hooks on the pegboards. You can also buy larger hooks and hang large tools from pegboards.

Check out Specialized Storage Units

There are some great specialized storage units available for sports equipment and gardening tools. These will allow you to store related items together in a compact space. They will also allow all the members of your families to find equipment and tools when they need them.

As you start to work on garage organization, remember to put a priority on storing frequently used items in convenient places. A well organized garage should not only look good, but should make your life easier by allowing you to find what you need quickly.