Garage Outlet Accessibility for Your Electric Car

As the electric car becomes increasingly popular, there is a clear necessity for an outlet accessible from the garage. Adding an outlet to your garage is not the only solution, but if you are intending to replace your gas-guzzling vehicle with an electric version, then you will need to have somewhere to recharge. Some car makers consider the best solution to the outsourced car charging areas, while most private car owners think that an addition to the garage would be best.

Recharge Stations

Some companies, such as Nissan, intended to have recharge stations situated in convenient places along the highway, rather like gas stations for the electrical car. These were intended to give around 30 minutes of charge. These recharge stations could cost as much as $45,000 (although increased production may drop the price), and this would put them out of the range of most owners, so are not suitable to be installed in your garage.

Battery Swapping

A more convenient method of powering your car in the long term is the battery swap method. In this system, the electronic outlet in your garage powers up a battery which is charged during the day. You have a pair of batteries, one in the car, and one being charged, so you are never without power.