Garage Organization - Overhead Innovations

When it comes time to organize your garage, you may suddenly find that you simply don't have room for all of your stuff! Your shelves are packed to the point of tipping, your garage attic is overflowing and you still can't pull your car in. You take a look around and scratch your head wondering, where are the Christmas decorations going to go?

If your garage is fully packed, while you're scratching your head, just take a look up. No, I know the attic is already filled, but let's take a look at your ceiling! Today, there are a number of overhead storage solutions designed to get your junk, I mean valuables, off the ground and over your head. Here are a few things you can consider:

Rack Storage

Rack storage is great for storing boxes and other packaged items. They're easy to install as they simply get screwed into your ceiling rafters. They can hold and impressive amount of weight, but definitely check the weight limits before putting anything too heavy on them. Best of all, your stored items will still be visible, so if you need to get into that box of cable wires, you know exactly where to find them.

Storage Pulleys

Do you have a bicycle that keeps getting in your way when you're trying to work in your garage? Storage pulleys work great for getting that bike out of the way by lifting it into the air. Install it close to the wall and maximize your floor space.

Garage Lift

Garage lifts are similar to the storage pulley systems but they are designed to handle a much heavier and bulkier load. Some can handle loads of up to 100 lbs.

Heavy Lift Hoists

For storing items weighing up to 250 lbs., install a heavy lift hoist in your garage. This unit features a hoist that raises and lowers a storage lift using a gear drive.

Large Accessory Storage Units

These units are specially-made to safely store large items like canoes, truck caps and so on. While these large items may still be somewhat obtrusive even when off of the floor, lifting them will provide you with more floor space in which to work in your garage. Just watch your head!

So as you can see, there are a number of ceiling storage solutions that you can apply to your garage organization plan. In fact, there are storage solutions for every budget. For less than ten bucks, one can opt to purchase ceiling mountable hooks designed for getting that bicycle off of the floor. The next time you are at your local super-hardware store, drop by the storage section and you'll be amazed at the new products available which can ultimately help you get your garage organized and tidy.

Dave Donovan is a freelance copywriter living in Atco, N.J. An electrician for 15 years, an injury forced him to pursue his true passion - writing.

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