Garage Pole Building vs Attached Garage

The inside of a garage.

If you want to build a garage near your home, then you might consider either a garage pole building or an attached garage. They can be found at local shopping centers and can be installed by a homeowner. There are distinct advantages to using either of these garage building styles.

Attached Garages

Attached garages are often cheaper to build because they use one existing home wall. They can be built from a number of different materials from metal or wood frames to concrete structures. They are fairly quick to build and can withstand bad weather. Their strength is derived from one side because it is protected and part of the overall home's structure. On the downside, because they share a wall with the home, they can also pass cold air and fumes into the house.

Garage Pole Building

Garage pole buildings are highly versatile and are a familiar sight in the country. These types of garages have a series of large posts, and then are given a floor. The roof is then assembled and placed on top of the poles. They are very quick to build and are considerably less expensive than framed garages.