Garage Remodeling Ideas for a 2-Car Garage

There are many directions that you can take with garage remodeling. Whether you want to make your garage bigger or you want to change it into an extra room, office, or play area for the kids, your options are endless. When you're working with a two-car garage, it is especially easy.


If clutter is your problem, then an easy solution is installing cabinets. These can be installed high or low as wanted and can give you plenty of extra space to put away all of those things that you didn't previously know what to do with. You could also create a pantry, if you wanted, to store food items and other objects. Doing something as simple as placing boards across some of the rafters can give you a ton of overhead storage space for boxes, trunks, or all those holiday decorations you don't need most of the year around.

Dual Purpose Garage

With a two-car garage, you don't need to expand to be able to use your garage for both car storage and something else. If you are only putting one car in your garage, you have an entire other half of your garage to use as you please. Install a work-bench or a set of aforementioned shelves, cabinets or a pantry.

Lounge Garage

A popular choice for garage remodeling is to turn it into a place for relaxation and fun. Maybe you want to put a television and a gaming system in there for you and your friends to be able to watch movies and play games together. Or you could put in a couch and a few bookcases so that you have a quiet place to retreat to and read. You could even put in a pool table or an air hockey table, as both fit nicely in the space that a car would be. If you live in an area where hot or cold climate might make being in the garage a little unpleasant at certain times of the year, look into how to insulate your garage. Small space-heaters are a great and cheap way to warm up a room if insulating is out of the question.

Productive Garage

You can also turn your garage into a space that you can use for work. Offices are a common remodeling idea for a garage. Some people might convert their garage into a usable room to rent out. If your washer and dryer are located in your garage, you can think about hanging a rod from the rafters to hang up your clean clothing, and build a few small shelves for housing laundry supplies. If you're the artistic type, garages are fantastic places to set up your easel and paints without fear of ruining furniture or carpet.

For the Kids

A big garage lacking any dangerous equipment can be a paradise for children. Cover some or all of the garage in carpeting, build some shelves and put out some bins for toys, books, bikes, roller skates or anything else your children might enjoy playing with. Put a basketball hoop on one of the walls, or a dartboard.