Cheap Heat: Garage Space Heater Basics

A garage space heater is used to make your garage warm and comfortable on cold days when you are working there. There are a few different types available:

Porcelain heaters can warm up a good sized garage area. They are not meant to warm a large space and need longer to warm up to a comfortable temperature.

Kerosene heaters are easy to use, most of them have an electric starter. Since the majority of them do not come with a thermostat, you will have to regulate the temperature manually. You might also be bothered by the odor and it needs to have proper ventilation.

Gas heaters can be ventless or vented. The best option is to buy a professionally installed garage space heater run by gas. The garage must have sufficient air for ventilation for a ventless unit. It must have an oxygen depletion sensing shutoff system. This will shut off the heater if there is not enough fresh air in the garage space. For installing vented gas heaters a hole is cut on the garage wall and a small vent leads directly outside from the heater.

For safety, do not store flammable items or any object around any garage space heater. If you are woodworking and kicking off dust, turn off the heater, finish the work, and blow any sawdust from the heater with compressed air before turning it on again. Lastly, keep away children and pets from the garage space heater.