Garage Space Heaters vs Hard-Wired Heaters: Cost to Operate Garage Space Heaters vs Hard-Wired Heaters: Cost to Operate

Garage space heaters are generally direct vent heaters that are used for keeping the temperature of your garage moderate. These heaters do not cost much and are quite effective in rising the temperature of the space quickly. The direct vent garage heaters require a propene or natural gas source for their operation. The hard-wired heaters are electrically operated and their initial cost is a bit higher than the garage space heaters.

Cost Effectiveness

The hard wired electric heaters cost more but their cost of operation is less and they are very efficient. On the other hand the garage space heaters use natural gas for their operation and if they are used for long periods of time the cost of operation is more. There are few very economic direct vent heaters available on the market whose cost of operation is comparable with the hardwired heaters, but still the hard wired heaters are marginally ahead.

Other Benefits

The hard wired heaters are more compact and also eco-friendly. But if you are intending to use the heater for a very short period of time, then the garage space heater should be preferred due to its low cost.

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