Guide To Garage Storage Cabinets

Garage storage cabinets come in different shapes and sizes, and are used to store your belongings. They can help you keep your garage organized and clean.

Benefits of Garage Storage Cabinets

They come in different shapes and sizes to fit all of your different needs in your garage.
Multiple adjustable shelves are included in these cabinets, making it easy to design the storage space you need.
They are made to fit tools, toys, cleaners, items for your car, and any other storage that is kept in your garage.

Deep Cabinets

Deep cabinets can be found in sizes ranging from 12'' to 24''. They fit up against the walls of your garage and their doors open outwards. Each cabinet has multiple shelves that allow you to store many different objects and belongings. The 24'' cabinets work well as base cabinets, and the smaller ones can be hung on the walls.

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets come in a set, with the first cabinet being located in one of the corners of your garage, and cabinets extending out on the adjoining walls of your garage. They are grouped for mounting depth, with the smaller cabinets starting out at 12'' and the larger one reaching up to 24''.

Modular Design

This type of garage storage cabinets allows you to design and create custom cabinets for your garage. Modules come in different shapes and sizes to fit your needs, and can be found 1', 2', and 3' widths and 12'', 16'' and 24'' depths. A modular design can also be beneficial for your garage because they have the ability to wrap around objects in your garage; such as, tool boxes, widows, vehicles and water heaters.

Mounting Cabinets

Mounting cabinets are used keep your garage storage cabinets off of the floor and on to your wall. Mounting cabinets have secure methods that keep it hung, and a special kind of suspension that prevents water damage or insect nests, they are easily removed in case you sell your home. Mounting cabinets are also beneficial in keeping your garage clean, it's easy to sweep under them and store items.

Heavy Duty Cabinets

Heavy duty cabinets are high-end cabinets that provide strength, durability and stability to your garage. These garage storage cabinets are designed for heavy duty items that normal cabinets wouldn't be able to hold. They have stainless steel handles and their hinges offer a 110 degree swing to get the heavy items in and out.