Garage Storage Ideas for Sawhorses

Garage space can be highly limited in some cases and garage storage ideas are always useful. Space saving devices and storage capacity which can be utilized for multifunctional purposes is always in demand. Some people have limited floor space, owing to the car size and the dimensions of the garage. Therefore, it becomes far more efficient to use the walls and ceiling as a way of storing floor item like bikes, saw horses and benches.

Ceiling Ideas

Some saw horses can be folded and this makes them easier to stash and hang on walls but if you own saw horses which are the ‘A’ frame style and must stand on the floor, then you can think of other options. Ceiling brackets are highly useful and can be set up on a pulley system which can be lowered to retrieve them when needed. It will keep them high enough so that people do not bang their heads on them yet they are still easily accessible when required.

Wall Ideas

Wall brackets and shelving are excellent forms for storage for your saw horses. Whether they fold or collapse or whether they are ‘A’ frame format, they can still be hung from wall brackets or hooks. Some sawhorses are stackable on top of one another so there is an option there for multiple stacking too.