Garage Theater: Creating the Ultimate Cinematic Experience at Home Garage Theater: Creating the Ultimate Cinematic Experience at Home

Convert your garage space to a garage theater. To start with, make a layout design for the theater and then go ahead with these basic steps.

Renovate the Garage

Four things need to be sorted out before the garage can be used as a theater.

  1. There should be adequate circulation of fresh air to keep you comfortable for a long time in your garage while you watch your favorite movie. This can be done by air conditioners or heaters with proper ventilation.
  2. Prepare concrete flooring of the garage then put good carpet on it.
  3. Secure the doors of the garage and seal off any light from hitting the LCD or projector screen. Insulate any bare interior walls for acoustic benefit.
  4. Renovate the garage space.

Create the Home Theater

Select the right sound system, projector or LCD, the lighting equipment and decorations for your theater. If you aren't comfortable with electronics set-ups, this can be done with the help of an 'Integrator'. An Integrator is a professional who specializes in consultation, design, installation and service of home electronic and entertainment system. Home theater, audio and lighting control is their area of expertise. An Integrator will help you choose the right brands of equipment suitable for your needs, assemble them and give the final shape to your garage theater.

Lighting the Theater

A theater experience is enhanced by good lighting choices. Avoid lights that face the screen as that will cause glare. For more refined lighting, you can select a professional lighting consultant who will help you create the right ambience to your garage theater.

Once everything is set up, have a test run of your theater. Get set to have an ultimate cinematic experience right in your garage!

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