Garage Wall Shelves: What You Need To Know

large storage shelf in a garage
  • 1-10 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-500

Garage wall shelves help you as a homeowner keep your garage clean, organized, and safe. With the recent growth in garage renovations, shelving units are becoming very popular. Installing these garage wall shelves does require some planning and thought on your part.

1. What Are You Storing?

Before running out to the hardware store to pick up your shelving unit or lumber, think about what it is you are going to put on them. How much room are you going to be using and what type of material will you need?

2. What Are Your Walls Made Of?

Most garage walls are basic wood framing. However, some older, and underground, garages have either concrete block or cement walls. The type of shelving you use will not be impacted, but the mounting of your shelves will be different.

3. How Much Weight Are You Putting On Them?

man installing wire shelving

Garages are a place to store tools and equipment so your garage wall shelves should be able to handle some weight. Different shelving material will need to be used depending on the size, amount, and weight of the tools and equipment you will be storing on them.

4. What Is Your Budget?

How much are you going to be able to spend on your garage wall shelves? Some materials are more expensive than others and if you are doing an extensive remodel, the cost of the shelves could be a large factor.