Garage Workshop Planning: Lighting and Electrical Needs

Your garage workshop can add thousands of dollars of value to your house if you set about it correctly. By planning and expanding a garage workshop, you are creating an asset to any house. It provides useful space and a haven for a person with a natural mechanical bent. One item is essential to the needs of the garage workshop and that is the correct lighting and well planned electrical outlets. This requires careful planning before commencing work on any alterations.

The Requirements of any Garage Workshop

A part of the legal requirements of a garage workshop is that you need to use ground fault circuit interrupter outlets for heavier tools. This is something to take into account when you are in the planning stage of the workshop. Work out carefully what tools you will be using both now, and in your dreams for the future. Once you have set your plans in motion, it is far more difficult to add to them later, than it is to put an extra outlet or two now.

Design your Floor Space

It is an excellent idea for you to work out on paper, exactly where you want to build your cupboard storage and work areas for your garage workshop. Power tools need space. To use them properly you need to be able to move around them. If you are using tools like radial arm saws or thicknesses/planers you need to be able to have areas to access to use long lengths of timber. This makes it important to plan your tool area outlets carefully. Remember when planning the outlets to place them higher than you would in a normal household. You need them at arm height for your tools.

Check the voltage each tool requires before allocating it to a certain outlet. If it takes 240 volt, you need a 240 volt outlet. Your normal outlets take 120 volt, so be aware of the differences and plan ahead.

What Kinds of Light do you Require?

When considering what kinds of light you need for the garage workshop, always take safety into account. You will be using florescent lights and if you take into account eye strain and cost of electricity you would be advised to go for top quality for the long run. If you put in T8 fluorescent’s at this stage, you will find you save money in the end.

How many Lights and What Kind should They be

Consider where you want additional lights, like under counter light to see on the workbench top. Strip lights inside cupboards make your life easier when you are working at night and need to see inside for something. If you plan your dream garage workshop at the start, you can work towards it. Think also of a portable light for working on the car. When you are working on a project there is nothing is more annoying than not being able to see and the light being out of reach. Lights on retractable cords make life a lot easier and the cord then hides away later.