Guide to Garage Doors and Openers Guide to Garage Doors and Openers

There is little doubt that having a garage has a great many advantages, including improved safety for your automobile and possibly even a reduction in car insurance premiums. One drawback of having that tightly sealed and safe garage, however, is lifting those heavy garage doors every time you want to drive in our out. Lifting the garage doors can be a real challenge, especially when the weather outside is bad, and many homeowners eventually realize just how much of a convenience a quality garage door really is.

Choosing the right garage door is not always easy, but it is important to choose a garage door that fits your needs, your budget and your lifestyle. While price is of course important, it is best not to skimp on this important piece of equipment. The goal, after all, is to choose a garage door opener that will provide years of trouble free service.

Safety factors are important as well, and it is important that the garage door have a safety mechanism that senses objects in its path and makes the garage door go back up if such objects are discovered. This will not only help to protect family members and pets from being injured by a heavy garage door, but it will help protect the car from damage as well.

And of course style is an important consideration for many homeowners. After all, for many homes, the garage door will be the most visible part of the home, and it is important that the style of the garage door matches the overall exterior of the home. It may take some shopping around, but having a nice looking garage door is an important consideration.

Of course no consideration is quite as important as that of power. It is important that the garage door opener be powerful enough to open those heavy garage doors. For many homes, a garage door opener with a 3/4 horsepower motor represents the best option and the greatest value for the money. A large garage door opener like a 3/4 horsepower version can life the heaviest garage doors with ease.

It is also a good idea to look for a garage door opener that uses heavy duty construction and industrial quality chains, as this will help to minimize problems and ensure years of trouble free service.

If noise is a factor, it may be worth your while to look for a garage door opener that is designed to operate smoothly and quietly. This may be more of a consideration if the garage is located underneath a bedroom, study room or apartment. These quiet operation garage door openers are designed using a flexible rubber belt that is able to mute vibrations and dampen noise.

Maintenance is of course an important consideration with any type of mechanical device, and the same is true of garage door openers. Many garage door openers will require some sort of maintenance, such as oiling the chain or lubricating the parts. The owners' manual that came with the opener should be able to provide a good maintenance schedule.

There are of course some garage door openers that claim to be virtually maintenance free, and these higher end systems generally come with self lubricating systems, meaning that the chain can run smoothly and quietly for many years. These low maintenance systems tend to be higher priced, but they may represent a good value.

When it comes time to install the garage door, it is always a good idea to read the instructions thoroughly before getting started. Installing a garage door is generally a simple job for an experienced handyman, but it may be more of a challenge for the average homeowner.

Of course even the most well installed and well maintained garage door opener may have problems from time to time. If the garage door opener one day fails to operate, do not panic. It may be something as simple as a dead battery in the transmitter carried in the car. If the batteries in the transmitter are fully charged, the problem could lie with a lack of electricity to the unit. If the electricity is flowing, it may be necessary to use the manual override to open the door until the source of the problem can be determined.

Read on for more garage door and door opener repair tips.

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