Garbage Disposal Energy Consumption

A garbage disposal requires electricity to shred food waste and send it through the plumbing system. Using a 1/2 horsepower motor, the appliance has a shredder that grinds food waste which then forces the solid and liquid waste into the drain.

Home Energy Consumption

The amount of home energy required for a garbage disposal is not high. The amount of energy necessary to run a disposal is comparable to that of an iron. A disposal uses between 500 and1500 watts of power but only for a short period time. Personal home water usage is not high either. The amount of water used is comparable to that of a couple of flushes of a toilet. A newly available garbage disposal uses the force of the water from kitchen sink faucet to dispose of the food waste. There is no home electric energy expended by this appliance.

Water Treatment Center Energy Consumption

The organic material from a garbage disposal ends up in a septic tank or a water treatment center. These treatment centers use biochemical oxygen to break down food waste. An inability to meet these oxygen requirements will cause difficulties further downstream. The organic material that consumes the energy expended by the treatment centers to break it down might be better used for fertilizer and composting.