Garbage Disposal Replacement

What You'll Need

A garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance used for the disposing of garbage. It runs on electricity and is attached to the drain of the kitchen sink. It is used to throw the leftover remains from a meal or to put other waste down the sink. Sometimes, it stops working and the garbage disposal might need to be replaced. Garbage disposal replacement is a simple DIY  project, and can save you money if you can do it yourself.

Step 1: Buy Garbage Disposal Replacement

Note the horsepower and brand of the exiting garbage disposal system. Buy a new system that offers the same brand and horsepower. The general horsepower ratings are 1/3 HP (light duty), ½ HP (medium duty) and 1.0 HP (heavy duty).

Step 2: Clean the Area

Clean the area out under the kitchen cabinet. Place some rags or a utensil on the floor so that when the drainpipes are disconnected, the water does not create a mess. 

Step 3: Disconnect 

Remove the wire that connects the garbage disposal to the power supply. Strict care should be taken to follow this step as there is a motor and blade in the disposal that can cause injury. Remove the dishwasher hose if there is one connected to the garbage disposal. 

Step 4: Disassemble Drain pipes 

The drainpipe that is connected to the disposal’s drainage tube has some rings around it. Loosen up the rings and keep aside the drainpipes. These will later need to be reassembled. Clean the area if there has been any water spillage. 

Step 5: Remove the old Disposal 

At the point where the disposal connects to the sink drain there is a ring that needs to be turned counter-clockwise to loosen it. As it may be very tight, a hammer would most probably be required to loosen it. You should be prepared to let the disposal down gently as it is likely going to be quite heavy. A good idea might be to put a stack of newspapers on the floor, so that it can act as a cushion when the garbage disposal finally gets disconnected. 

Step 6: Connect Electrical Cord to the new Disposal 

Remove the electrical cord from the old disposal system by unscrewing the cover plate and untwisting the wires. Loosen the retainer holding the cord in place. Now attach the cord to the new disposal system by reversing the procedure. 
 Step 7: Connect Drain Tube 

Connect the drain tube by using a wrench. 

Step 8: Attach Disposal to Sink 

Put a stack of magazines on the floor that is of the exact height and place the new garbage disposal on top of it. The rings need to be turned and tightened. In between, the disposal will need to be adjusted so that the drain tube lines up with the drainpipes. The rings can now be finally tightened with a small tool. 

Step 9: Reassemble and Test 

Ensure that all the connections are there as required. Reassemble the drainpipe. Run the water to test for leaks. Reconnect the power supply by plugging in the power plug. Throw some garbage in the disposal unit and check to see that it is working all right.