Garden Arbor Plans Garden Arbor Plans

When you want to add a great sense of form and function to your garden, a garden arbor makes a wonderful addition. Arbors can be built as a large trellis, or a small portal covering a gate into the garden. Whichever way you want your garden arbor, there are several different ways to design and plan it.

Think About Function

Before you begin building your arbor trellis in your garden, you need to think about what it is you want it to do. Just because it stands in the entryway of your garden, doesn't mean that it doesn't do anything. An arbor has a function. Plants, like rose bushes and ivy, will grow up the arbor trellis. An arbor can also provide some sort of shade when it's positioned at your patio. Your arbor design should incorporate this function into it.

What Materials Will You Use?

Your arbor design should also include the materials you're going to build the arbor out of. You can build beautiful arbors out of wood, metal, brick and even plastic kits. Decide on this and then draw out your design with these materials in mind.

Draw on Paper

A garden arbor design should be drawn out on paper before you begin to build it. Putting it onto paper will help you envision the final outcome, and also give you an idea of the size. When designing your arbor, keep in mind the overall shape, size and location of your garden or landscaping. An arbor that is too overpowering will look out of place and awkward.

Three Arbor Plans

There are several different kinds of arbor designs on the market today. Three of the most popular designs are:

  • Grape Arbor. This is an arbor that has a trellis along the sides and the top for plants to grow up and around. Grape arbors are easy to build with post and beam construction, and add a lot of style to your garden.
  • Shade Arbor. This arbor can be set off to the side of the patio, or built over the top of it. A shade arbor has a roof construction much like a pergola, with beams and crisscrossing slats over the top of them.
  • Arch Arbor. To frame the entryway into your garden, or serve as a conversational area in your backyard, an arch arbor is an easy do-it-yourself arbor design. An arch arbor has a simple frame covered with lattice work. There is an arch cut out of the lattice work at the top. You can add rose bushes around the arched arbor for added impact.

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