Garden Bridge Building: 3 Tips Garden Bridge Building: 3 Tips

A garden bridge is a wonderful decorative element that will make any garden seem more charming. A small garden bridge can be laid over a tiny stream from a koi pond or over a small valley or ditch. Your bridge only needs to be big enough to catch the eye and span the small space you have chosen.

Bridge Construction Kit

If this is your first attempt to build a small garden bridge, consider starting with a bridge kit. This kit will come with all the materials and hardware you need as well as instructions on how to build the bridge. You can find kits in many different styles. Consider the overall look of your garden as you decide which to buy. You can find kits in Japanese styles (perfect for Koi ponds or Zen gardens), roped styles (for a more rustic look) and even stone.

The Type of Wood

Some woods are darker than others. You will want to use a type of wood that blends in well with the surrounding garden. You will want to make sure you use a hard wood if you plan on actually using the bridge. While Cedar and Cherry may look beautiful, they are soft woods and may not withstand the elements for as long as Oak or Maple would.

The Size of the Bridge

Choose a bridge that will fit your space, not that will overwhelm your garden. If you have a smaller bridge, plan a separate flowerbed around it. Also, do not think too much about being able to actually walk over the bridge. It only needs to be big enough to be decorative, not big enough to support weight.

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