Garden Layout Planning Tips Garden Layout Planning Tips

A garden can significantly enhance a home's appearance, value and livability. However, without the proper garden layout, you may not maximize the space and beauty of your home and yard. An appropriate garden design will help you to select plants for your garden, to ensure that they receive the proper sunshine and nutrients to keep your garden looking beautiful and welcoming with minimal effort and maintenance. Follow these tips for designing an attractive and successful flower garden:

Plant Types and Soil

Before planting anything, consider the climate and location of your garden, as well as the soil type and moisture levels. Select plants that will be appropriate to the rainfall and sunlight levels. For most gardeners, certain sections of a garden may be better suited to particular plant types than others. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the temperatures, rainfall and sunlight patterns in each area of your garden.


Lighting, both natural and artificial, can make the difference between a bright and welcoming outdoor space and a dark and dreary yard. If your garden, or a section of your garden, receives very little light or appears too dark, consider installing outdoor lights to help highlight the natural beauty of your plants and landscaping.


A very beautiful garden that has no paths or walkways is not only difficult to appreciate fully, but it is also hard to tend to and maintain. As you are planning your garden, be sure to design pathways through flowerbeds and landscaping arrangements. It will save you time and frustration later on as you work in the garden and walk through it.


In addition to providing a subtle frame for your yard or garden, a fence can enhance your privacy and keep away deer and other animals that may eat your plants and flowers. If the outer boundaries of your yard or garden are already fenced, consider installing a smaller, ornamental fence around individual beds or sections of your garden.


Install lawn furniture in your yard or garden to encourage socializing and relaxing outside of your house. A beautiful and well-designed garden with no furniture will only be appreciated from afar. However, if you would like to enhance your garden with a welcoming chair or lounge, consider where furniture will best be placed as you design your garden layout. Use natural wood furniture in open spaces in your garden to create an additional social hub within your home.

Fountains, Statues, and Other Ornamental Pieces

Besides furniture, other man-made pieces may be helpful in creating a calm and relaxing aesthetic for your garden. Search outdoor stores and garden centers for small fountains, bird baths, statues and other ornamental pieces that can both enhance the appearance of your garden and draw welcome wildlife, like birds, to your yard.

Plan your garden carefully before you conduct any landscaping or planting. With a good idea of the overall appearance and feel of your garden, you can create a lovely outdoor space with appropriate plants, furniture and ornaments. Consult with a garden center or home improvement store for further ideas and supplies.

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