Garden Pergolas Enhance Any Garden

Sometimes called an arbor, a garden pergola can be a bold entrance to any walkway or garden. Covered with vines, they can bring a cool shady spot to relax, or even hang a hammock. Garden pergolas come in all size and shapes, but there are a few basic types.

Types of Garden Pergolas

Garden pergolas are distinguished by size (small-large), basic shape (triangular), and number of poles (2 pole or 4 pole). They can be as plain or fancy as you want. They use an open, flat roof, rafter type construction that is supported by poles secured to the ground. For the DIY garden pergola builder the construction material is usually wood. Types of wood generally used are treated construction grade pine, redwood, cedar and mahogany. You can also get kits made from vinyl plastic, and metal.

Basic Garden Pergola Construction Steps

Garden pergolas are simple framework construction and many plans are available. Get the materials listed in the plans and pre cut the lumber to the finish size before you begin.

Measure and lay out the plan on the ground. Dig support post holes and install, level and secure upright posts. Install and secure cross beams to the top of the upright posts. This is usually done with metal brackets. Install and secure rafters into the notches that were pre cut into the cross beams.

That is all there is to putting together a garden pergola. Finish the surface with stain, paint or sealer and landscape around your new masterpiece.