Garden Pond Water Pump Maintenance Garden Pond Water Pump Maintenance

To make sure that your garden pond water stays clean enough for fish and water plants to be able to live healthily in, you will need to learn how to do some garden pond water pump maintenance. The life of your pond and it's inhabitants will depend on how well your water pump filters out the waste from the water.

Step 1 - The Filter Makes the Difference

Making sure that you keep your pond water pump's filter changed means the difference in how well your pump is going to work at keeping your pond water clean. A dirty filter will eventually cause clogs and the backing up of waste into your pond's clean areas of water. If you have fish in your pond, a clean filter is necessary for the fish to have clean water.

Step 2 - Maintain Correct Flow Rate

You need to make sure that your water flow rate stays the same and usually it will if the pump is kept clean and the filter changed on time. You will want your flow rate to be at least half the volume of the whole pond and this is a minimum required flow rate for proper water flow. Follow manufacturer recommendations for your pump's water flow rate depending on the amount of water it is going to be used for.

Step 3 - Keep a Regular Schedule for Pump Maintenance

Get a calendar and make sure to mark the dates of when you perform any garden water pump maintenance and schedule the next time for that same task accordingly. The timing of your maintenance means everything in your water pump functioning properly.

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