Garden Stepping Stone Pathway: Installation Tips

A garden stepping stone pathway is a practical and decorative addition. It is also relatively easy to make one yourself. Here are a few tips which can facilitate your work further.

Tip 1: Delineate the Pathway

It is very helpful to delineate the pathway by using 2 pieces of rope. This will help you determine the passage the pathway will follow, and you can better plan it out. Ropes are ideal if your pathway will meander through the garden. If you intend to create a straight pathway, you can drive stakes in the ground and tie a string along them. Thanks to this guidance, you will also be aware of any factors you need to take into account in advance, such as any sprinklers or rocks that may be in the way.

Tip 2: Digging

You have to dig holes to secure the stones, but don't let the stepping stones get too sunk into the ground. They need to be slightly visible and protruding, with a layer of builder's sand under them. So make sure to take the sand layer, and the stone's height into account, prior to digging the holes.

Tip 3: Distance

The distance between 1 stepping stone and the next should be ideal for a normal step. Measure a suitable distance from the center of 1 stepping stone to the next.

Tip 4: Settling

The sand will help the stepping stone to settle well into the ground. Tamp it down to set it in firmly.