Garden Terrace Building: 2 Tips Garden Terrace Building: 2 Tips

Building a garden terrace will require you to put a little thought into it before you begin. Use graph paper, and draw out what you have in mind. If you are able to use short, wide terrace steps, you may be able to avoid building sides to main the shape. but if you have to use sides, that might be an easier way than you thought, and don't forget to allow for sufficient water retention and drainage.

Tip #1:Terrace Width and Height

A typical natural terrace should have 1 1/2 feet of slope for every 1 foot of rise. For instance, if you wanted to use two terraces and step up 3 feet, your natural slopes would have to be 2 1/4 feet at each step. Be sure to take the slope into account when measuring terrace widths.

Tip #2: Easy Terrace Walls

Use landscape timbers and drill a 1 inch hole 6 and 12 inches from each end. Stack the timbers so that the ends interlock, allowing you to use small pieces pf wood or PVC to lock each piece in place. For best results, use short wall sections and drive solid pipe or posts through the holes, forming a solid fence. Drill horizontal holes through the wood at 4 foot intervals.

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