Garden Tools - 2 Electronic Soil Tester Facts Garden Tools - 2 Electronic Soil Tester Facts

Electric soil testers are the perfect garden tools when you wish to test the ph of your soil. Knowing your pH can be vital when you are planting new shoots which need a more acidic soil to grow, or are sowing some seeds which need to be in a more alkaline soil.

Fact #1 -Ease of Use

Gardeners with a small budget like these garden tools because of their small budget requirements, and their ease of use. The majority of these soil testing kits consist of some powder, which is mixed with water, placed in a small pot, and shaken along with a sample of the soil. The color of the product is then graded according to a supplied chart. This is simpler even than  the old test using pH litmus paper. Electric soil testers even take the work out of this, as they can be placed directly into the soil, with no additional work needed.

Fact #2 - Other Options

There are a range of options available for your electric soil tester. Some are available which not only measure soil pH, but also the moisture, light access, and potential fertility of the soil. Keen organic gardeners can also buy an environmentally friendly version.

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