Garden Tools - Using a Soil Thermometer For Seeds Garden Tools - Using a Soil Thermometer For Seeds

One of several garden tools that every gardener should have in their possession is a soil thermometer. These thermometers measure the temperature of the soil by sticking a probe into the soil. They are used to help determine if it is time to plant seeds or not.

Why use them?

Each individual plant has certain temperature ranges that they must stay within. Measuring the soil temperature is important to determine whether it is to early to plant seeds or transplant sprouts. Since soil is more insulated then air, it takes longer to warm and is therefore a better determining factor for planting.


First, not all models are built the same, and vary in quality. Secondly, you can buy combo meters that test for other things like pH. Also keep in mind that getting a good temperature one day does not mean that the temperature will stay that way. A warm snap in early February can be followed by a long cold snap. Use the soil thermometer in conjunction with weather data and your zonal information.

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