Garden Window Prices

A window with a small potted plant.

If you want a garden window for your home, but are afraid of high garden window prices, don't fret. There are a couple of ways you can cut costs to stay within your budget and still add a little greenhouse to your home.

Tip: Premium window manufacturers like Andersen, Pella, JELD-WEN, and Milgard offer design tools, price calculators, and budgeting tips that can prove very helpful.

Garden Window Prices Vary by Style, Size, and Materials

What you want in your garden or greenhouse window will affect the price you pay. Milgard, Andersen, Pella, and JELD-WEN manufacturer representatives or sales consultants can help you figure out exactly what you want, or you can also contact Home Depot, Sears, and Lowe’s for assistance in planning and estimates.

Basic garden windows about 36-inch wide and 48-inch high in clear glass from some manufacturers cost about $936, for example. For vinyl framing, the cost increases to about $1,000. For a 48-inch wide, 48-inch high weight, the prices are generally in the range of just under $1,000 for aluminum framing and about $1,200 for vinyl. Add 10 percent to your estimates for Low-E glass instead of regular, and an additional 20 percent for tempered glass.

Obviously, more complex design, higher quality materials, and larger size will all continue to increase your needed budget for this window. However, when planning for this window budget, you should consider the value it will add to your home to have it installed. This doesn't make the window more affordable, but it can help justify the cost.

Shop Around

Different suppliers offer the same products at different prices all the time to beat the competition, so when you're looking for the garden window you want, make sure you speak with more than one store regarding what they offer. For example, prices can range from about $599 at Sears for a Pella brand garden window, while the same window may be available at Lowe for around $514. Make the capitalist system work for you and get the best price.

Shop Sales

If you know you have a costly installment like this one in your future, do some research for your initial budget, gather the money you need, and wait for a sale. Many suppliers will run seasonal sales and will offer incentives such as rebates or free delivery, or they will simply slash prices on a variety of items. Your best bet is actually to hunt for sales at the end of the season, when stores are trying to get rid of the items they don't believe will sell before newer models hit the shelves.

Look for Factory Direct Stores

Stores that supply straight from the factory can sometimes have the home improvements you want at discounted prices. See if one of these stores near you sells garden windows and what they're priced at.

It is important to note that a factory direct store will not offer any services to deliver or install your window. If you will need the extra help, consider paying the extra from a supplier who will provide it.