Creating an Outdoor Room: Architectural Gardening Creating an Outdoor Room: Architectural Gardening

What Is Architectural Gardening?

Architectural gardening sounds incredibly grand and makes most people think of expending a lot of time - or worse still, money - on architectural plans. But this doesn't have to be the case. For starters, you don't need walls if you don't want them, and you don't need to have a roof either. An area of decking with some seats and good planting will effectively work as an outdoor room. In actual fact, any area of garden can be effectively turned into an attractive architecturally designed space.

Planning Your Outdoor Room

The most important step to architectural gardening is in the planning. There is a good chance that if you are considering having an architectural area in your garden that you will already have a good idea of the specifics you intend to use. A simple outdoor room can be created using decking and planting.

The Use of a Decking Area

By placing decking, you instantly separate that area from the rest of the garden. You should decide on the shape of the decking and where you will place it. Most decking areas are square or rectangular and are placed at the side or the end of the garden. Once the decking is down you need to furnish the room. Outdoor furnishings can include some of the basic furniture that any indoor room would contain. Outdoor chairs and tables are available in a wide array of colors and designs, and as well ensuring they match the decking boards, you should try to coordinate them with the plants you will use.

Walls and Roofs

You can create walls around the decking using tall plantings or a trellis. If you intend to use plants, you should set them down where you intend to use them without actually planting them initially. Move them around until you have the perfect shape and the perfect design, and when you have achieved this, then you can plant. Alternatively you may want put up an arbor and place trellises between the posts. You can then train climbing or trailing plants up some of the walls.

The Changing of the Seasons

It is unlikely you will create your architectural garden area in the winter, and when you are planning, you should remember that changing seasons has a dramatic effect on planting and on materials. The effect isn't reserved for the color either - the condition of plants and the condition of the timber is important. Always treat decking and any other wooden structure with appropriate wood treatment to ensure it retains its integrity over longer periods.

The Final Stage: Dressing Your New Room

The final step is, of course, dressing your new room. The dressing you use will depend on many factors. If you have an open room, then you will be limited to heavy and weather resistant items, but if you have an area that is fairly well protected from the elements, you can throw a little more caution to the wind and use virtually anything you like. Small water features often make for a pleasant addition to decking because the two natural components of water and wood blend very well together.

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