Master Gardener Series Master Gardener Series

The Master Gardener series of greenhouses is designed for those needing a larger growing space including farmers, small market gardeners and schools.

The construction is tailored for the Scandinavian climate and consists of strong maintenance free extrusions covered by a 12 year guarantee. Greenhouses should be mounted on top of the optional galvanized steel base but may be mounted on base of pressure treated lumber.

Features include:

  • 46-inch-wide, double-hinged locking doors (one of which is a Dutch door) for easy wheelbarrow or small garden tractor access
  • Double windows (see quantity in models below)
  • 1/4-inch, double wall, unbreakable polycarbonate panels
  • a silicone adhesive and spring clips are used to secure the polycarbonate.
  • 5-foot, 3-inch side walls
  • 8-foot, 8-inch peak
  • Supplied with a toll free Monday-Friday installation support phone number as well as a Factory Moderated Greenhouse Forum

Gardener 1800 11'9"W x 16'6"L, 4 windows

Galvanized Steel Base

Gardener 2700 11'9"W x 24'8"L, 6 windows

Galvanized Steel Base Optional

Gardener 3600 11'9"W x 32'9"L,

Galvanized Steel Base Optional

Gardener 5400 11'9"W x 49'0"L, 12 windows

Galvanized Steel Base

Gardener 7200 11'9"W x 65'6"L, 16 windows

Galvanized Steel Base

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