Choosing a Garden Fountain for Your Yard Choosing a Garden Fountain for Your Yard

There's nothing so calming and refreshing as sitting on your deck or patio and listening to the sound of water bubbling or trickling from a garden fountain. Fountains bring the beauty and music of moving water into your yard, which is balm for the soul.

Before you invest in a garden fountain, decide whether you desire a feature that allows water to bubble, cascade, spray or trickle. You also need to consider your budget and the amount of space that is available for installing your fountain.

Types of Garden Fountains

Fountain jets stand in a pond and spray streams of water in a wide variety of interesting patterns. The jets can be adjusted so they send out gentle bubbles or a spray that leaps high into the air.

Some fountains are free standing and require no pond. They have a lower bowl that catches the water and acts as a reservoir. A pump is submerged in the lower bowl and recycles the water.

Solar fountains are powered by the sun. They have no special type of plumbing or wiring. On a sunny day, they can send a spray of water several feet into the air.

Wall mounted fountains are great for smaller gardens. They take up very little space and bring the sound of trickling water into your yard or garden. These types of fountains are made of lightweight material and they can easily be mounted on a fence or wall.

If you have a garden pond and would like to add the sound of cascading water to your yard or garden, an artificial rock waterfall may be perfect for you. These fountains look realistic and you can choose one that will cascade water into your backyard pond.

If you are on a tight budget, but want to bring the sound of water into your garden or yard, choose a rock bubbler. These are very inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes. They look terrific when moss and ferns are planted nearby.

No matter what size yard or garden you have, bring peace and tranquility into it by adding a water fountain. Then sit back, relax and allow nature's music to serenade you.

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