Gardenias: Which Varieties Will Grow In Your Area

Gardenias are popular for their beauty and their strong, intoxicating fragrance. There are more than 200 different varieties of gardenia flowers available. While most of them have the same basic needs, you may be able to find a variety that will work outside the typical zones.

Common Zones

Gardenias will thrive most commonly in hardy zones 8 and 9, or those areas where the temperature won’t dip below 20 degrees. The gardenia is considered a semi-tropical plant, and they need warmth, sunlight and humidity to thrive. If you live in Georgia, northern Florida, or most of Texas you can easily grow any variety of gardenia.

Colder Zones

There are some states that may experience the perfect summer conditions, but can experience colder winters. States like North and South Carolina and Virginia are examples. There are still gardenia varieties that can thrive in these areas. Look for crown jewel, August beauty and Kleim's hardy varieties for these areas. They are more tolerant of slightly colder winters.

Warmer Zones

If you live in an area like southern Florida or California, you can still grow gardenias. Most often you will need to grow these in pots, and the upkeep will require more maintenance. African Gardenias do well in these areas even if the weather is hot and not a lot of sun reaches the plant.

Wherever you live, you can find a variety of gardenias that will flourish in your area. The best thing to do is to check with your local garden nursery to find the best varieties for your zone.