Create a Garden Style Living Room Create a Garden Style Living Room

If you’re searching for a new look for your living room that will attract attention and be a comfortable place to entertain, consider a garden style. A garden style living room is casual, light and it evokes a sense of nature and the outdoors.


Use earthy color hues for the walls, such as earth brown, beige, light green, baby blue or, for an aquatic look, aqua or light turquoise. Any color that is associated with the earth will do. This covers a wide range of choices. Use the earthy color as your main color and then use both matching and contrasting colors for accent.


Use wicker seating or add a garden bench under a window or in a corner. A bench or garden swing also looks great under an outdoor mural. This creates a focal point for your room and allows you to build around it. The mural can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Contact the local high school or college and ask them to refer you to someone from the art class who would be willing to paint a mural for you. This will be much less expensive than if you hire a professional artist to do the job and many students are talented artists.

Cover wicker furniture with fabric that both matches and gives contrast to the color of your walls. These could be country check, floral, striped, or even a plain color. Off-white also works well. Add cushions and pillows of solid colors if you use patterned to cover the furniture or vice versa and don’t forget to add a few flounces here and there.


An area rug will set off hardwood or laminate flooring. A sisal rug that is made of cotton or wool is perfect. Be sure the rug adds texture to the room. If you have covered furniture in a plain fabric, choose a rug with a floral or foliage pattern to bring the outdoors into your living room. It is best if the fabric on furniture draws a color from your area rug.

Coffee and End Tables

If you choose wicker furniture, choose coffee and end tables that match. If you choose a garden bench and wooden furniture, consider a heavy wooden coffee table, possibly one made from a slab cut from a large tree. Another option is to choose a miniature or child’s garden bench and top it with a ½ inch glass top.

You can easily create a coffee table by using fence pickets. Cut them at the appropriate height, paint them the desired color and fasten them together using L brackets. Wind silk morning glories or ivy around them. Top with a piece of ½ inch glass.

Another idea is to buy wooden coffee and end tables, paint them the desired color and then stencil on designs of a floral or outdoor scene. These could be a country scene or your favorite flower. Be sure to use a theme that ties in with the other items in the room.

Window Dressings

You can add window dressings to your windows or leave them bare. Leaving windows bare takes the edge off of the separation between indoors and outdoors. If you choose to use curtains or drapes, choose them to match the color of your walls. This also blurs the separation line.

Curtains can also be made of the same fabric as you use for furniture covers or cushions. Other choices would be white eyelet, homespun fabric or country check. Keep in mind that your curtains need to tie in with furniture and wall color.


Keep lamps low-key, nothing fancy. Good choices are wrought iron lamps with glass shades or those with plain ceramic bases. Wicker lamps work well if you’ve chosen wicker furniture. If you’ve chosen wooden benches and a garden swing for seating, use wooden lamps with a plain shade or one with a floral motif, depending on the type of furniture covers you’ve chosen.

Wall Décor

Wall décor can consist of a wall fountain or wall scones. Use artificial ivy or your favorite flower in silk to decorate them. Pictures of birds, landscapes or wildflower meadows add to the garden theme. Keep in mind that wall décor should bring a sense of life and color into the room.


Accessories can include dried, potted or silk flower in pitchers, vases and watering cans. Wildlife figurines, an old-fashioned water pump fountain, baskets, birdhouses, garden tools and a miniature wheelbarrow can be used for decoration. A child’s wheelbarrow can be used to grow foliage plants. To add to the garden theme, use vintage handmade doilies and tablecloths. These can be purchased in second hand stores and auction sales.

To create a garden themed living room, take the tips in this article and let your imagination run wild. The end result will amaze everyone who enters and bring many hours of enjoyment to you, your family and your friends.

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