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Props help provide the signature style of the garden and landscape. Both old and new objects add a dimension to the natural scenery that is appealing and even practical. From makeshift containers to designer plant stands and supports, there are functional items that can be adapted to the garden for great visual interest. The following article discusses all kinds of prop possibilities for various garden styles.

Formal gardeners might want to consider salvage centers or replicas of classical items to showcase in their gardens. While flea markets provide a slew of adaptable garden items, they may not be the ideal place to find "designer" items, but then again, antiques are sure to pop up there now and again. A garden with a formal style may benefit from props from a specific era like Victorian or Art Deco or even Classical. This can be something as elaborate as a marble fountain featuring Neptune or a mythological nymph, but also something subtle such as an authentic nineteenth century wrought iron gate.

To make creative use of a formal prop, consider finding Art Deco glass light fixtures and transforming them into hanging planters for the porch. If you already have a water feature such as a wall fountain or basin, consider installing antique tiles with colonial Spanish or Art Nouveau motifs. Simple touches such as these add additional character to the garden without being overly-done or gaudy. Columns, both large and small, can now be easily found and installed in various areas of the garden; these make wonderful plant stands and can even provide support for climbing plants like ivy or rock roses.

Another creative set of garden props that can be adapted to formal settings can be various types of statuary or even pottery. Many statues are available today that double as fountains and even a large pottery bowl filled with water and plain river stones make for an attractively simple decoration. Props with clean lines and simple designs go quite well in the formal landscape. Formal gardeners might want to stick with one type of construction material like granite or wrought iron. Single paint colors like ivory also will tie your props together to provide a clean and more formal effect.

More informal gardens like rustic or country styles can be outrageous in the creativity or simply unique in their approaches to props. These kinds of gardens can be fun, pretty or slightly carnival without the boundaries that formal settings can present. To begin with, consider what your garden needs; if you have climbers, you want to look for trellises and arbors. Containers are always useful and can be placed on porches, patios or elsewhere around the garden. Garden furniture may also be a requirement. Online garden centers, flea markets and even your own attic can provide a wealth of creative props for these purposes.

For example, that trellis can be made from interesting garden gates or even an iron box spring taken from an old bed. Anything that provides support for your climbers and vines can be creatively adapted into a trellis. Containers can be adapted from virtually anything with sides and a base. Pieces of pottery or old tin cans make wonderful containers. Also consider tin tubs, barrels, wagons, enamel bathtubs, coated cigar boxes, children's toys, aquariums, etc., to be used creatively as planters and containers for special plants you want to showcase in the garden.

Garden furniture can also be a unique statement in the landscape. Whether you paint your wicker furniture neon green or add an eclectic hodgepodge of flea market finds to the patio, there are plenty of creative options. From old church pews to makeshift benches, these pieces add their own brand of style to the setting. If you are opting or a naturalist look, consider using salvaged metal to prop of a thick piece of old lumber for use as a table. Adapt wrought iron baker's racks into outdoor plant stands. Wine racks can be used to hold potted plants.

Paint or other crafty touches can also be used to employ a motif to the garden's props. Carnival items are actually a great way to decorate the garden. From a table top plant-toting Ferris Wheel, to colored cane garden markers to a carousel horse propped in a flowerbed, this a great creative touch. Mosaic work, decoupage and painted stencils can be used on containers or elsewhere in the setting to signify virtually any style. Consider country themes, medieval motifs, Celtic, Oriental or various ethnic styles when choosing your props.

Small touches can go a long way to adding style to informal gardens. Consider any of the following: clownish tree faces, a ballerina scarecrow, silver teapot and silverware wind chimes, glass bottle edgings, bedpost address marker, stained glass sun catchers, etc. Everyday household objects can easily be adapted into the garden as props: small bookcases, old chairs, broken mirrors, sink pedestals, metal trays, pretty teacups and much more can transform your garden into a creative affair with your own singular style.

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